March 20, 2007

Singing the Praises of the Public Library

I like to peruse the 'New Non-Fiction' shelves first thing when visiting the public library. There is a fiber arts enthusiast on staff at my library; consequently, the craft section is being well tended. In the last little while, since crafts publications have been flourishing, (higher interest level = more book sales = better book prices relatively speaking) the library has kept decent pace with the addition of quite a few new titles. One of these newly acquired titles is the useful Stupid Sock Creatures. We've checked it out twice so far, this time we put together our own stupid creature. He's not completely stupid, however. Our stupid sock creature is mostly stupid looking, which is entirely different than being stupid. He was out in the garden yesterday, & since it was such a nice day he let me photograph him. I think I got some decent candid shots - he's pretty photogenic!

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