March 21, 2007

Phantom Tollbooth Book Club

Later today I'll meet with my book club. We (a group of 5th-7th grade girls & myself) are reading through The Phantom Tollbooth. How fun! We're making this notebook using a file folder, colored paper, & parts from several disassembled thrift store books (College Spelling Text & Map of Santa Clara County 1976) . Inside there is a booklet for vocabulary words, a spot for listing homonyms, synonyms, antonyms & similes, another spot for listing characters according to whether they are 'helpful' or not (uncertain about this categorization), another spot for discussion questions, & a place for three small booklets entitled Threadbare Excuses, Monsters of Ignorance, & Time-Wasting Tasks. The little booklets are fun to make because they're made using a single sheet of paper.

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