March 2, 2007

Unlimited Imagery

I have been on Flickr lately. It's like mainlining creative inspiration. Although I've never mainlined anything, & I'm not completely sure just how it's done. I have the idea that it involves shooting something into your veins with a needle. Flickr is a more abbreviated exposure than going to a blog & since I'm mostly there for the images I like it. It's been a bit like when I discovered Ebay. Only free. I can interact with other people who dig the same things I do. Since Flickr is so huge it gets very specific. It may even encompass what my goals were/are in blogging. I am going to keep trying to get comfortable* posting here though.
Blogging goals:
1. Sharing images (projects) -getting some input.
2. Sharing process (projects). Maybe joining some type of group project(s).
3. Documenting my projects, reviewing my favorite books & uh, other stuff to be expanded upon later.
4. To stay abreast of trends, access current technology, remain relevant. hehe.
5. Having my own kingdom.

*since this is the real reason for not having posted more than 3x in 2 months.

shown above: miniature accordian book documenting our summer garden.


Sara said...

i love your use of wire in all these different objects. i love wire too, it makes everything more interesting as only fabric in my case! thank you for your comment in my blog!

fun_is_always_in_style said...

You're welcome - your work is just beautiful & you're very accomplished.
I just recently began thinking in wire a little, to acheive certain things in 3d. I'd love to link to your blog...