January 22, 2007

Curious & Curiouser

This caught my attention over the weekend. I like to contemplate the person(s) who will bid on this... do they literally have that kind of cash to play with (throw away)? Won't they feel awkward shortly after the auction ends but before the whole deal is over? The winning bidder is, after all, committing to be part of a documentary - that gives someone else an awful lot of creative control....hmmm. Or are they wholeheartedly interested in & unencumbered enough to take on a new identity - leaving their own identity behind? Or, is it a rook, a stunt, a plot, a ruse? Has it all been engineered as a part of an attention grabbing SCHEME?? Highly likely. Those crazy kids. My interest wanes a little since they removed the AU$19,100 faux bid (you'll have to calculate the exchange). Some might say that just adds intrigue; but as a plot twist, it's highly predictable. I'm going to ponder this for a couple minutes - however, I have another, more enduring flight of imagination: I wonder who ate from my restaurant dishes before I owned them?

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