March 30, 2009

Spring Knitting

It would appear that I had fallen off the face of the earth, if the earth consisted only of the blogosphere. Instead, I've been busy & have not photographed any of this busyness. I must have photos to blog. It's the only way for me. Today I've got a few images, so blog!

The Lace Ribbon Scarf from Knitty Spring 2008 issue. This is a beautiful scarf when finished & blocked! It took me quite some time to find just the right pattern for this Jade Sapphire Silk & Cashmere loveliness. Unfortunately this is the dullest knit ever. Now the weather is getting warm, further demotivating me on this project.

Ditto the black Garter Yoke Cardigan which combines simple beauty & everyday wearability. It's almost complete with one sleeve & a bit of the second remaining to knit. The body went very quickly, the sleeves on two circular needles are tedious & slow. Here's what that project looks like:

There's not much to see here either, but for a long term carry around project I've been working on an Elizabeth Zimmerman Stonington Shawl. Two greens, doubled lace weight merino. The edging will be a solid green, one or the other of the two. I've completed about 50% of the center square. I need to figure out how to put progress bars on the sidebar of my blog!

One more WIP - I'm making a Forest Canopy Shawl with this new Auraucania Lonco Multy. I had to find out for myself why this pattern is so popular. Now I know; I memorized the pattern within the first set of eight rows. No chart needed until I reach the edging!

Last but most importantly, I'm doing a major destash. A considerable chunk of my stuff (vague quantity). But really.

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carolynswafford said...

I have been thinking about you! Your projects are all gorgeous - you have such a good eye with your patterns. Hang in there with the tedious scarf - it will be LOVELY when it's finished!