December 17, 2008

Waldorf Doll

I really admire Waldorf dolls. I love the way they are constructed. They are nice to hold & hug. They resemble little children. I made some for my children when they were younger, but I needed some fresh ideas before beginning this doll. Flickr did not disappoint with inspiration enough for numerous projects. A search for Waldorf dolls yielded over 3,400 results. Many of the dolls are wearing beautiful hand knit sweaters & cute little felt shoes. So much to love...

Favorite new idea is a nose. I really like the nose! I think it's a nice detail & adds a lot to the doll's personality.

Below are a couple of beautiful examples with links to the doll maker's photostream.

I particularly love this dolls mouth & facial expression. Created by auntboosbabies.

I love this girl's hair. Created by meike, who has provided a very helpful tutorial!

I love this girl. Created by Tiadelu.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, my kids were very influenced by Waldorf schools when they were little. (We had an ES for years that would do all kinds of projects with them, and she'd been a Waldorf teacher.)
I, too, loved their art and approach to crafts. I still have the "wet-on-wet" watercolors. I can just hear Miss Nimick telling the elaborate stories involving gnomes, dwarves, etc. just to teach the kids simple Math equations. "Dip their beards, children!" she'd bubble, to get the kids to clean their paint-brushes.
Jennifer, these dolls are adorable. Mmmmm, it makes me want to just tear up a Barbie, any Barbie, they're so sweet and innocent.
~Merry Christmas to you, dear girl, sitting around your cool stuff. I have the wonderful little boot you gave me and apron proudly displayed. Won't it be fun in heaven, to celebrate all the time?