December 18, 2008

Vintage Holiday Humor

Candolier by Noma & many other companies. Graphics on the box are more than half the fun ~
Electric candles; how very funny. The thrift stores near me used to have boxes of them every year. Now they are fewer & further between. Not that I need any more.

Blue flames, green flames, why not? It's the idea of a candle with an electrical cord that I find so funny. Is an electric candle safer than a wax candle? Not if it's got a cool vintage cord & plug. The cord winding down from the windowsill to the wall socket below - an odd aesthetic. I think I like it!

Sought after accessories include these 'halos' which attach to the candle right below the bulb. I've never seen them in colors before. Perhaps that's why this set is $50 firm.

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