December 1, 2008

Tamarind Cowl with modifications...

Modifications: Cast on 110 stitches using a provisional cast on; knit several rows, then purled one row for fold under hem. Knit several more rows & then continued following the original pattern except I decreased every tenth stitch in alternate ruffle sections, so that the cowl would be progressively narrower toward the top. Repeated hem at the neck edge, but after purl row I decreased again every tenth stitch. At both top & bottom I sewed the live stitches to inside edge to retain maximum elasticity.
I also knitted 5 ruffle sections rather than 3 - to make a taller cowl. Bottom edge reaches to within 1-2 inches of each shoulder when worn.
Just how I like it!
Wouldn't this be pretty in Kidsilk Haze?

Tamarind Cowl


Anonymous said...

This is so beautiful and would look stunning with something pink or baby-blue.
Tamarind is a weird-flavored tree (or something) that Mexicans add to candy. You see it on many of the ingredient lists of other foods found in the "Hispanic" section of the grocery store; it's also in Worshetire sauce.
Is this what color Tamarind is? I always pictured it brown.

Fun is always in style. said...

Thanks Michele :)
This was the name that the pattern designer gave to this design...I wondered what Tamarind meant. Now I'm going to look it up. Brown seems logical -