December 10, 2008

Binary Solo

Nine days' blog intermission may be a record. It may not be; but for me inspiration comes in bursts (like many things) & when inspiration is absent, I have to go with it. I"m not a creative machine - am I? No.

I have missed my blog, however. Several December days have passed, without report on my vintage Christmassy objects & feelings...Oh well. There are still quite a few days left to enjoy these things. I have to strike the balance between squeezing in lots of good things & adequate time to enjoy them.

I blog today in a sideways posture, but with a leisurely attitude, as part of an ongoing study in personal limitations*.

*I wrenched my neck today.

I begin with something easy. I grabbed a treasury today on Etsy, its title is Binary Solo.


carolynswafford said...

I'm sorry to hear you wrenched your neck. I'm glad to see you posting!

Fun is always in style. said...

:) Thanks for the nudge!