September 1, 2008

New season, new potholders.

Recently my blog has become the Treasury away from the Treasury. It's fun to choose the items & create an Etsy Treasury, a bit like crafting itself, & so I became carried away...

I promise to focus on other things for a while. I have all sorts of other topics to blog about!

Today, I am like a squirrel storing nuts for Winter - I have a drawer full of tired & motley looking pot holders & oven mitts. I plan to discard them all, & begin again. I have the additional goal of spending zero to replace them, which won't be a problem with my extensive stash.

I'm going to break into this thrifted wool tapestry yarn - a rainbow selection of great 70s colors. It looked beautiful arranged in its own special box, but life is too short to save it any longer. Combined with some Briggs & Little natural aran wool, I should be able to turn out some good-looking felted pot holders & oven mitts for my kitchen drawer.

Just the type of knitting I'm in the mood for.


Allena said...

I love the colors and can't wait to see your finished potholders.

carolynswafford said...

Oh, this is a great idea! What great colors you have, too. Hooray for using stash on useful and quickly knit items!!!

Anonymous said...

Come to think of it, I could use some new pot
holders too. New pot holders=happiness and joy. However since I'm the anti-crafty person. I'll be heading down to Target for 'em.


Fun is always in style. said...

Thanks Allena! I've got two ready to felt already...

Carolyn: I wanted to save this rainbow yarn until I found a project that would use all of the yarn completely & well - it's tough to meet this criterion so I decided to let it go.

Melanie: Excellent plan. PLUS, there is surely something else you'll need once you get there. I don't hang potholders around my kitchen for display. Do you?