August 4, 2008

Expansive pincushion.
Linen pocket; holds business cards, ID, or my ipod.


School begins Wednesday, August 13th

Each of the four students will have a unique schedule this year! The middle school kids will have a half-day every Wednesday. There has been controversy among parents over this plan. I heard last week on the radio news that 1 in 7 school districts are discussing the possibility of going to a 4 day school week.
The high school kids go to an early-college high school funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation - (thanks, Bill & Melinda). These high schools are relatively new in California; students may earn their AA degree while attending high school. All class fees & books are paid for. This year the high school classes are on a block schedule so students will be more available for college classes in the early morning & afternoon.

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carolynswafford said...

What a wonderful opportunity. In our community, a referendum to build a new high school FINALLY passed on its third try! The current one (actually the entire school system) is way overcrowded - causes many problems. And our town is only around 40,000!