August 5, 2008

I only have one of these leather film canister / holders. The packrat in me wants to keep it, but no.


I'm trying to understand how to use the word 'meta' when it's not a prefix, just an adjective. As soon as I get it, I'm going to start using it.

Things it might mean:
a dichotomy / contradiction?
Wiktionary says 'transcending', but that doesn't help me use it. Anybody help?


Elsita :) said...

Dear Jennifer,
I promise you that if English was my first language I would be more than happy to help you with the word meta :0 I should educate myself about this word but in the mind time I want to tell you that i love the photos in this post!
Elsita :)
I absolutely love the expression on your header: Fun is always in style. I couldn't agree more with it! :)

Fun is always in style. said...

Thanks Elsita - ha - I still haven't figured it out, but will sometime I suppose...
Thank you for visiting!