July 31, 2008

Treasury Feast Today -

Doesn't everyone crave attention? I do & don't at the same time. I got some today.
Natural Beauties
front page on Etsy!

S e c r e t s - curated by Greaves Design

Cruel & Unusual Crafting

Grey Days - curated by RaeGun

Lorelei received the bracelet I made for her & liked it so much she mentioned it on her lovely blog. Her jewelry designs are eclectic & beautiful. She uses extra-special & interesting components. Through our email messages & her blog she has already introduced me to several wonderful & new to me Etsy artists. Everything from buttons, to lampwork glass beads.


Lorelei said...


hey maybe you can teach me how to do that whole Screen Shot thing! I can't do it. I've been talked through it before and everytime I try, it just doesn't work!
Favorited your blog.
Thanks for being my new creative friend!

Marissa Fischer said...

oh thanks for noticing my treasury, it's only like my 2nd or 3rd one and I'm so proud of it.

Fun is always in style. said...

Lorelei; I may have over-dosed on the screen shot this time! I thought these were some great treasuries...on my PC bottom row of keyboard hold down CTRL button while holding down PrintScr/SysRq in the very top row on the keyboard (rt. side), then open Paint & paste, then crop, save. Is that what you've tried?
Creative friends are nice!

Marissa: You should be proud of it; an especially nice one could/should easily have been on the front page! Treasuries are fun to make -