August 6, 2008

H is for Home

Welsh Tapestry Purse
(the pattern reminds me of Early American woven coverlets)

Enamel Coffee Pot

Handknitted Woolen House Slippers

Crocheted Cushion Cover

Vintage Welsh Tapestry Purse

Eggs & Soldiers

I love this online shop & blog, that's why it's in my sidebar. It deserves special mention because it's so, well - neat. I really enjoy their particular blend of vintage with a judicous touch of handmade. The vintage housewares are just a bit exotic to the American eye because the H is for Home site is based in the UK. For the well-traveled thrifter this takes the pursuit of vintage to the next level.

The blog has an educational aspect, as blog posts begin with P is for Poole (pottery), or L is for Lundhofte (stainless steel kitchen ware), or my favorite J is for Jens H. Quistgaad (who designed Kobenstyle cookware - - I feel the need to create a mosaic coming over me...)


Bo Salisbury said...

The Krow-Shayed Kushion Kover was in our home growing up. The enamel coffee pot wasn't and I want that!

By the way, how do I get one of those FIAIS business cards I saw tucked away in the business card cozy?

Fun is always in style. said...

I love the coffee pot too. There are all kinds of pots & pans & they're in different colors... I don't think I've ever seen one in our vicinity.
I think I could scare up a business card for you...

Anonymous said...

I saw something on TV and thought of you. They took a big plastic bag, like the ones bedding sets come in that have a zipper, and packed it tight with stuffed animals to make an outdoor cushion. It was pretty cool.

Jenny again

Fun is always in style. said...

I absolutely want to copy that! Thanks for thinking of me :)