June 28, 2008

The Dark Underbelly of Vintage Knitwear Design

Spinnerin published my favorite vintage pattern books. Their books usually gave cute names to each design. Examples might be 'convincingly coy', or 'delightfully daring'. Their pattern books usually really captured the spirit of their time (plenty of examples to follow some other day).
With this particular book however, the veneer has been stripped away. The niceties have been done away with. No adjective-laden names* grace these designs, oh no. I think that will be how I sum up this pattern book: Oh, No.

*these sweaters are identified only by number; like prisoners.

The belted cardigan is shocking. It elicited a peal of laughter from my husband. It is chrome yellow. It is crocheted. It has a belt. I have to say that twice; it has a belt. A crocheted belt. It uses yarn called Frostlon or another option is Featherlon - yarns from the age of Aquarius. I scorn this sweater.

This one is my favorite/most-hated ever in my whole life. It's really the glasses/hair/pipe combination. Another unlikely color for a male.

He's well-groomed.

Victim of a well-intentioned woman who believes she knows what looks good on him. Worn on christmas day only.

Such sad eyes.

acrylic yarn + turtleneck + densely crocheted fabric = volcano heat

The Aran sweater has the special hugs & kisses cable (xo) down the front.


Bo Salisbury said...

Mock the belt... go ahead. But, I see it as a bold design declaration, shouting "I mock convention!"

Someday, I hope to be in studio, paint brushes in hand and wearing a smart-n-sassy "painting sweater" instead of the drab smock or overalls.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if these models are some how related to the kids from Barney. They have that same confident dorkiness that I find fascinating and can't help but admiring.

Fun is always in style. said...

Bo - there was a slightly frustrated feeling about this post; the strident tone...

Fun is always in style. said...

Michele; good insight, yes; you've pinpointed something difficult to name...why admire? their freedom?

Anonymous said...

Those are a scream!

Jenny (over at the Ladybugcircus)

carolynswafford said...

OK, this made me laugh hysterically (after I shuddered at the thought that this was actually published!) That bald dude with the beard is UGLY - more ugly than the sweaters he's wearing! Usually the Spinnerin pamphelts are so awesome in a kitchy sort of way...what happened with this one? "Volcano heat" - hee hee hee hee...

Fun is always in style. said...

I know - - this was a real departure from the usualy Spinnerin book. Usually they are all heavily made up - even the men.
The purple sweater guy inspired my whole post.