May 31, 2007

Excessive? This Only Scratches the Surface.


Sadie Lou said...

What? Neat program! Did you scan in images of all your book covers?? How does the function. Need deatils!
Impressive collection.
Next you need to showcase those Little People. Mmmm-Hmmm

Anonymous said...

Oh yes....
I've been really into 60s children's books lately, and am so glad Levi appreciates them when I gift them to the Naughties.
I like how stark they are, and the golds and lime greens they use, the way they slightly stretch the figures in art to be sort of geometrical looking.
However, I do love the whimsical, bright, cozy colors of these shown. Yum.
PS BTW, I'm serious, in that Henry should teach my class. He made some mind-blowing points on my lesson. It's exciting to see the young theologians in his age group.

fun_is_always_in_style said...

Hey, thanks for your comment!
Did you look at the different pages of my leafletter? If you click on the little arrow at the bottom you'll see the other pages -
be careful letting actual children touch those books...they're brittle.

We often discuss your teaching & it has really been important to my kids. Larkin told me about yesterday's class comnplete w/voice immitation.

I'd really like to know what his comments were -

Anonymous said...

For example, we were discussing where heaven is. I was sharing scriptures that talk about it being "up". It may be in a different dimension, or it may be really far, but the bible indicates that God is up. (In Revelation, Satan is hurled "down" to the Earth, when Jesus ascended, he went "up", the Old Testament mentions God looking "down", etc.) Henry piped in, "And it says in Psalms, I will lift up my eyes, from whence cometh my help" Don't think he used the King James, but he quoted it righteth. There were more little comments, and they were all spot-on.
~Mrs. Flannelgraph

fun_is_always_in_style said...

We just hope they will all 'look to the hills' every last one.