April 17, 2007

Book Club Tomorrow

& I haven't quite finished my reading.

These tiny books are made from one piece of paper. They're fun & easy & directions must be all over the internet. We're using them to list examples of Threadbare Excuses, Monsters of Ignorance, & Time-Wasting Tasks. They have their own pocket in the notebooks we're making.

My dodecahedron calendar is shown in the foreground. This ties in to The Phantom Tollbooth how? It looks very much like the character 'The Dodecahedron', except that he has a different facial expression on each of his twelve sides rather than a month. & he has arms & legs & a hat. But I found this pattern all ready to print here, & so. Behind my calendar are several one-eyed, or hairless, or mute characters I'd like to be fiddling with.

Next I'll have a snack.

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