April 14, 2009

Forest Canopy Over & Over

Pagewood Farms Denali hand dyed sock yarn - merino wool, 'purple haze'
very soft & drapey. I used a US 6 needle.

Araucania Lonco Multy - fingering weight cotton.
I used a US 4 (bamboo) needle. I don't usually favor variegated lace, but it works with this pattern. In fact I'm on a bit of a variegated jag.

Here are two of the three Forest Canopy Shawls I've made. I recommend this pattern to anyone who wants to try knitting lace for the first time. The pattern is easily memorized; no need to refer to charts after the first several rows. There are only eight repeat rows. This pattern is also perfect for using that one skein of special sock yarn - the one that you don't want to hide in your shoes.

I've added two cardigans to my queue!

Featherweight Cardigan - by Hannah Fettig

Liesl - by Ysolda Teague

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