February 2, 2009

Mid-Century Monday: California Pottery


Anonymous said...

I love the 3rd one on top and own a dish somewhere with that atomic design.
Funny how we were all about Science, chemicals, rockets, atoms, thinking they were our future salvation; escaping from the planet we'd corrupted flying off somewhere to be innocent again. Now, we blame these things for corrupting the planet and us.
Always passing the buck.
Thanks for these Mondays. I look forward to them.

Fun is always in style. said...

I also have one piece in that pattern; a creamer. I found it & a pepper shaker (not of much use on its own) one day for .50 each! thrifty joy! I sold the shaker on ebay & keep pencils in the creamer :)
These dishes looked especially stunning in plain white. (eclipse -another space reference)