January 19, 2009

Baby Knits

For Olive whom I'm sure will love to read and will make an excellent conversationalist.

The sweater is a favorite vintage pattern of mine (Vogue Knitting, 1936). It may be worn with the ribbon tie in the front or back. The hat is adapted from an adult hat pattern 'The Republic', available free here.

I modified the pattern in the following ways to make a newborn size:

Tension: 8 stitches = 1 inch

Using size 3 needles & fingering weight wool cast on 91 stitches. Work back & forth in garter stitch until desired width (to accommodate my buckle). Cast off 11 stitches for tab, join & work in the round in st st. Knit until hat measures 3.25 inches from cast on.


row 1: K8 K2 tog across row (72st)

row 2: Knit

row 3: K7 K2 tog across row (64st)

row 4: Knit

row 5: K6 K2 tog across row (56 st)

row 6: Knit

row 7: K5 K2 tog across row

row 8: K4 K2 tog across row

row 9: K3 K2 tog across row

row 10: K2 K2 tog across row

row 11: K1 K2 tog across row

row 12: K2 tog across row Break yarn leaving a tail approx 16”. Gather stitches, finish off.


Anonymous said...
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Fun is always in style. said...
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carolynswafford said...

This is lovely! I love how how the design is so timeless! How cute will Olive look with that hat? Very nice job!!!

Denise said...

And her grandmother can't wait to see her in this sweater too!!! Thanks Jennifer ;)

Bo Salisbury said...

*sniff* simply beautiful

Emma Salisbury said...

Can you make grown up size sweaters like that?

Marji said...

What a beautiful baby set!

S. said...

That set is beautiful. Thanks for writing out the hat pattern. The sweater is so classic: I'm sure the mom will love putting it on baby.

Fun is always in style. said...

Thanks Salisburys ~ I can only imagine how long an adult version would take me (in between other things!)
S. - Thanks! I love babies in sweaters that fasten in back -

Denise said...

Okay, Emma will just have to share Olive's sweater with her then!

Fun is always in style. said...

Maybe Emma could wear the sweater as some sort of strange headwear after Olive outgrows it?
Actually the fact is; I don't have LOTS of people to knit for these days, other than myself :)

Denise said...

What???? Are your kids too good for "knit" now?

Fun is always in style. said...

Henry never ever gets cold, & none of them wants to look 'bulky'. They do like a hat or socks now & then. I'm kind of enjoying smaller projects though, come to think of it...