October 28, 2008

Stash? or Stockpile?

For the last several days I've been working on my yarn stash. As I've organized, tossed, wound & otherwise reprocessed my yarn, I've tried to think of a new name for the stash. The term 'stash' seems at this point, rather light.

Some stash revisions:
  1. I'm getting rid of any yarn that has already been a sweater twice. A friend gently pointed out that this practice of knitting & re-knitting the same wool more than twice might fall under the heading 'pathological thriftiness', & that I should not take my mental health for granted.
  2. I'm also getting rid of any scraps that make a ball smaller than a ping pong ball.

The majority of my yarn has also been photographed & stored in my virtual stash on Ravelry. It would be hard to overstate the revolutionary impact Ravelry has had & will have on knitting everywhere! I can search for more yarn like mine, patterns to suit my yarn, others' projects made with yarn like mine, others' comments on that yarn....I can look at all completed examples of all designs in most of my pattern books...this doesn't really scratch the surface, but my explanation is confusing already.

Synonyms for stash listed in order from most liked to least liked: Stockpile, Inventory, Store, Reserve (another euphemism), Backlog (kind of negative)

1 comment:

S. said...

I call mine my retirement account. And I'm not kidding. At my current rate, I will live forever!