August 16, 2008

Owly Shadow Puppets

My first crafting passion began with a class in puppet-making when I was 10. I made finger puppet after finger puppet. I have a special spot in my heart just for puppets. I am not a puppeteer, however. My husband can animate a puppet so well that I forget him for a minute & just enjoy the puppet's personality.

Andrea Everman of Owly Shadow Puppets makes the coolest shadow puppets. Her website even has a lesson plan for teachers. This lesson plan can be used to drive a writing or performing activity - instant enthusiasm! Surely everyone would enjoy some aspect of this project. See her website for a real dose of puppet enthusiasm.

Yeti Shadow Puppet


Anonymous said...

That's funny, I have no feelings for puppets whatsoever.
But, I would love to see Phil do a show. He's terribly mysterious and surprising in his talents, isn't he?
Remember how Mr. Rogers would visit that entire land that was puppets (and he did all the voices)? I always hated the cat with the watch who talked weird. Is Phil that advanced.

Fun is always in style. said...

No, Phil's style is much more subtle & dignified than the Henrietta Pussycat character (she made me squirm). He approaches it in an offhand manner - no planning.
We say 'correct as usual, King Friday' around here still.
My enjoyment of Phil w/ puppets is helped by the fact that I'm fairly gullible.