June 6, 2008

Thread~a Matic

I thread many needles. No longer is this as simple as scissors, needle, & thread. Now additional tools are needed.

My choices:

1. The Thread~a Matic; 'a precision instrument which, if operated with care and according to instructions will give you years of faithful service'. This was thoughtfully set aside for me by a friend out of his grandmother's estate.

~ OR ~

2. An increasing assortment of spectacles. I haven't thought of the word 'spectacles' for a long time, but circumstances beyond my control have necessitated that I purchase reading glasses. 'Spectacles' suits them. I've gone with the obligatory sparkly rhinestones & tacky faux tortoise shell glasses chain, but in no way does this indicate enthusiasm.

After fiddling with the Thread~a Matic, I'm going to have to go the glasses route.

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