June 4, 2008

Giving away...

I sometimes wonder whether others regard my vintage collections as I do; very cool! Packrats think their stuff is cool; yes? Otherwise it wouldn't be painful to be rid of it.

If you would like to own some very cute & quirky vintage coasters, or a set of vintage picnic plates, please leave a comment to that effect, & I will send them to you. It's that simple!

~ choose one ~

~ Welcome pink kitty (12 for .29 a House of Napkins Product) ~

~ Souvenir of Hawaii (8) Made in Japan ~

~ Midcentury Roadrunner (12) ~

8 - 6 inch party plates, highest quality .29


Anonymous said...

Do you realize it's using all the restraint in my body not to sit down and send you the postage you generous seductress, you!?!
The Futura (square, no less!) plates are quite tempting. Isn't stuff like that hard? Cool vintage things, meant to be used and thrown away, so it's purpose can never really be fullfilled in our possession. We just couldn't.
Got your email, I love you and miss you, Jennifer. Hope to see you this summer. Michele

I'm a scavenger. said...

Hi Michele! (postage requirements modified somewhat. Could you imagine sending me .50?)

Sadie Lou said...

Cool stuff, Friend.

I'm a scavenger. said...

You get 1st pick Sadie :)

Anonymous said...

Cutest 'Welcome coasters' ever. We all could use a set of those, right?
P.S. Can I give a big "ditto" to that loving and missing thing that Michele said?