April 3, 2008

Do-It-Yourself Knitting Accessories

I thought making my own knitting needle case would be easy, easy, easy. The project as a whole wasn't difficult; but stitching so many parallel lines accurately was. Before I began, I envisioned myself making a bunch. Not anymore. There are lots of instructions on the internet; below are some of my favorite.


cardboardboyfriend - felt

Craftster - needle case made with a vintage physics book.

Splityarn - circular needle case

Purl Bee - nice! circular needle organizer

I do enjoy making stitch markers. Unfortunately, I only need a few nice ones. I've tried making them several different ways & have settled on using soldered sterling jump rings (10mm or 8mm) & 22 gauge 2-2.5" headpins. The soldered jump rings cannot snag on anything, & the extra little bit they cost is worth it,because they can be polished & will last & look good. The 22 gauge headpin is strong enough that it doesn't bend easily, but lightweight. These stitch markers slip easily from one needle to the other & don't get caught on the knitting. Row markers can easily be made using a sterling silver clasp in a medium to large size.

How to make a wire-wrapped loop

*I even resized this video


carolynswafford said...

I LOVE THIS POST! First off, that needle holder is tres chic! Secondly, I love your stitch markers and am so glad you have posted about them considering how much I've been thinking about stitch markers lately. And I will definitely watch the video because this is something I'm dying to learn how to do! Thank you, oh awesome blog friend for posting such a fabulous topic and sharing your expertise!!! :)

carolynswafford said...

I wondered if you soldered them yourself. You can buy them already soldered?

fun_is_always_in_style said...

:) Thanks Carolyn! I buy the jump rings already soldered; I've wanted to learn how to solder, I could probably use that skill in making bird cages too, but I already have too many things going... you can buy them on etsy for a pretty good price, but each one is .50-.75 - to me it's worth it.