April 9, 2008

Drinking Tea

I'm learning to prepare & enjoy good tea. I have three tea friends. One friend took me to a tea-house & introduced me to good tea. A second friend taught me how to prepare good tea, & the third friend is a bona-fide tea notable; Tea Party Girl.

Are you lacking an education in Tea? Lacking enthusiasm for good Tea? Do you appreciate tea accoutrements, but don't know where to acquire them, which items are absolutely necessary, how much to spend? Would you like to hostess a tea party for a crowd? Tea Party Girl will solve all of these.

This morning I enjoyed Snowflake Black tea using my cafeteria-style tea items; Tepco china tan restaurant ware cup & saucer, individual creamer, sugar bowl, & my vintage Japanese anthropomorphic cat teapot. The teapot does not hold heat well at all (porcelain made in Japan), but I like it for now. In fact, I became distracted while drinking my tea by the stoicism of this cat. He will not make eye-contact.

*A favorite saved search of mine on EBay: vintage teapot - thirty pages of fun. If you have a bit more to spend, try antique teapot - 41 pages.

*Later; tea cozies -

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