March 3, 2008

Ravelry & knitting, mostly.

I am participating in Ravelry; & especially like being able to see numerous examples of something I've been working on. Some popular patterns have pages of examples knit up.

I'm going to endeavor to catalogue my stash (((cringe))). I'm certain it will cure me of buying yarn; or severely curtail it. I seldom buy yarn, but it should be just about never. Except for fantastic deals at the thrift store. On wool. I agree with Stephanie Pearl McPhee - one just does not pass up super-bargains on wool.

This is Joelle's Favorite Yoke Sweater from KnitKnit Profiles + Projects from Knitting's New Wave. The book was a christmas gift & it's filled with all sorts of interesting stories.

From my recent Little People jag: Mother & Dad, Little People.


carolynswafford said...

Is that wool yarn you're knitting with - or cotton? Love the little people, as always!

fun_is_always_in_style said...

It's a really soft merino wool - nice to knit with. I got it for socks & to dye & fool around with, but I'm using part of it for this...