March 6, 2008


I haven't seen the top of my desk for so long. So long. I summoned a bit of willingness today, put on my Richard Scarry ring, & went to it. Whew! The desktop is still there. No need to go overboard on this project - if I can dust off the center I permit myself some stacks on the perimeter.

So many what I'll call micro - collections can be a burden at times. I can't sustain the willingness to order them all. Here are a couple, others are not fit for public consumption.
rayon ribbon

vintage party invitations; some useless.


carolynswafford said...

Look, it's greenbug!!! Richard Scarry is very popular in our household. What awesome vintage invitations...I wouldn't be able to bear to get rid of them if they were mine, even if I had nothing that I could do with them! They're truly "one of a kind"!

fun_is_always_in_style said...

I still like Richard Scarry (obviously). That's exactly how I feel about the invitations. Especially the elf.