February 6, 2008

The Dachshund...

From the book The Dachshund or Teckel
by Herbert Sanborn, pub.1949

This little dog with ten inch clearance
Presents a ludicrous appearance,
His legs are bowed, his feet turn out,
He gives us much to laugh about.
He's two dogs long, a half dog high,
In spite of which he's quick and spry;
So at his funny build don't smirk -
It's perfect for his special work.
For Dachshund plays a hero's role
In going down a badger's hole;
A badger is a savage fighter,
A vicious scratcher and a biter.
And folks who call him "dash-hound" show
Their ignorance and do not know
That dox-hoont is his proper name
In Germany from which he came.
I really like the introduction to the poem also;

'The voice of the poet is heard interpreting for the mute masses their wonder & respect ... illustrating a change of heart toward him that contrasts favorably with an attitude of a period where he was tolerated under the sobriquet "badger dog"... & although the poem may not in certain respects be quite up the standard of the linguist; it radiates good-will and attests to the recently aquired favor of the dog.'
Breed specific literature (propaganda) is humorous & invariably represents the particular breed as;
  • The original breed; whose roots can be traced back to _________. (fill in ancient civilization here)
  • Imbued with great nobility (usually involves having protected kings somewhere in its history), heroism, & steadfast devotion.
  • The most useful breed to mankind, making far-reaching contributions to humanity.
  • Possessing the best temperament to be found in a dog. Anywhere.

    I once worked at a dog-registry & I've never forgotten the deadly seriousness with which things like official color designation or kennel name were discussed.


Anonymous said...

What is it about dachshund dogs anyway? So many artists have them,including one of my all time favorites - David Hockney.

Jenny lbc

fun_is_always_in_style said...

you're right - & my husband has his little book of dachshund drawings -
I just think they're hilarious. Short ridiculous legs & very serious looking head.