February 8, 2008

Ladies' Home Journal Book of Interior Decoration

copyright; 1957

My shower curtain is made of this very barkcloth.

I want to move in here.

Nice bench. Nice console with pillows, nice footstool,
nice little bookcase. Scratch the paneling.

Quite nice.



carolynswafford said...

Oh - lovely!

Anonymous said...

Yes, the rooms are nice but not nearly cluttered up enough for me, I'd lose my mind.

Anonymous said...

By leaving a message as anonymous I can do it but I should sign my name so you know I was by.
Jenny over at LBC

Bo Salisbury said...

I dig the floor to ceiling windows the most and the yellow curtains are cheery!

What's covering the floor?

fun_is_always_in_style said...

Hi Carolyn & Jenny - current home decorating mags. artfully place a pair of shoes & an afghan/throw in the room so we can be sure it's lived in. Always shoes. Never plates with leftover sandwich crusts. Or balled up sox.

Bo: I don't think it is, but I'm pretending the flooring is cork. with that sort of floor-warming device installed beneath.