January 14, 2008

Work Area needs attention...

I must, if only a bit at a time, work on organizing my vast assortment of stuff.
The Little People photos & card supplies were bursting out of their container, plus the container itself didn't have a place. Sometimes it was on the table, sometimes on the floor...

This sits right on my desk & was being used to hold a bunch of junk I'm not using right now. Soooo;

I moved all business cards, book marks, return address labels, & all Little People photos & card supplies right in.
A nice small organization project. Mini.
I've also been organizing the Little People themselves; which consume a shocking amount of space.

Never underestimate the myriad uses for felted sweaters. I glued a big piece of fairisle to the bottom of this (heavy) file.

Cool old labels - out.

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