January 23, 2008

McCall's Decorating Book

Some bright color on a grey & foggy day ~

copyright, 1964.

Lovely greens.

A combination entertainment-dining room. Ten oil paintings of various sizes give a mass of color over the black-green sofa. The wall opposite is lined with books with built-in hi-fi, and television on a turntable so that it can be viewed from the sofa.

Cool stools. Is that mystery fur?

Twin basins, a room-wide mirror with a luminous panel over it, ceramic tile walls, a slat windowshade combined with a floor of Arizona stone provide character here.

More pretty blues & greens...

Tray settings for a TV dinner repeat the blue-and-green room color scheme and give even a simple meal a gourmet flavor.

This author was over-reliant on hyphens, in my humble opinion.

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