November 26, 2007

New in my shop & sold.

I think this sweater was predominately Angora; very soft.

I am using almost entirely vintage & 'reclaimed' materials
in my holiday gift-wrap.
*glassine paper; shiny & semi-transparent
*vintage rayon ribbon in ivory
*tiny vintage glass ornaments represent holly berries
*a scrap of (felted sweater) wool makes a holly leaf.
*gift tag (new materials)


Sadie Lou said...

ooooo...fabulous job!

Sadie Lou said...

I also wanted to say that I haven't forgotten the Pay it Forward post--I'll be sending my creations soon...

Melanie said...

Lucky peeps, who get to unwrap their groovy gifts from you. Question though. Are they worthy? Will said recipent be ever so aware of the extreme coolness that they are about to tear and rip into? The thought of your beautiful vintage trimmings being thrown into a large hefty bag sitting in the middle of the floor.... well, let's just say, makes me cringe.

Anonymous said...

I keep pondering the beautiful design on the slippers; Are they pods with glistening pollen shaking out? Or horns with silvery music? They are beautiful.
I'll bet watching you wrap gifts is tempt. ~Michele

fun_is_always_in_style said...

Thanks Sadie -

Michele: I've missed seeing you.
The design is a vine...I don't think they're from the ocean.

Melanie: gee. Well, if the wrap is out of my house, I can deal with it. If it's my family, I may get weird about retrieving things out of the hefty bag...