September 19, 2007

A quick thrift on the way home.

I never know when I'll have an opportunity
to use my High School German.

WOOL. I'm certain, because the little
red tag says, "Laine Garantie'.
Extra soft.
Lots of yardage.

In script at the top of the label it says something
like 'Every woman with connoisseur, buys the
mark with the bee'. Am I the only one who

finds this funny?

Cotton from Holland.

I do not speak Dutch, but the back of the
label says 'Baumwolle'. And 'Cotton'.


Tracie said...

Lucky you. 'Bee' sure to point out what was made with this yarn, and please speak in German.

fun_is_always_in_style said...

projects tend to stack up. I'm hoping there's enough of the blue for a little bit of lace knitting.