September 30, 2007

Sewing on leather ~

Help me!

I've been sewing on leather.
It is NOT going well. It has gone well in the past, but oh, definitely not this time. (ruefully)
  • leather needle.
  • smaller needle.
  • new needle.
  • different thread.
  • some other different thread.
  • upholstery thread (trip to fabric store).
  • experiment with every tension combination available.
  • try no tension at all!
  • clean the machine with the vacuum & small fiddly tools.
  • get out the manual & rethread the machine while looking at the diagram (I've had this machine for several years).

I work with dogged persistence; but I already know that the elusive nature of the problem is in direct proportion to my urgent need to sew on leather. One has to be smarter than the sewing machine. As I've been working along, my standard has been refined & the kind of results I've produced in the past will no longer do. I want to dominate this sewing machine & bend it to my will.

Break time.


Sadie Lou said...

Sounds fun!


We need a Jen & Sadie Day!!

fun_is_always_in_style said...

I got it sorted out I think...diagnosis: Wrong presser foot. Kinda anti-climactic.