August 18, 2007

Crazy Daisy Winder for Finer Handweaving

This is the sort of thrift store item that really gives me a thrill. First of all it cost almost nothing, (important not because so little money was spent, but instead because there was this great little thing, that was somehow overlooked by everyone!) Don't they realize? Next; it is a tool of sorts & I'm extremely fond of tools. Lastly; the item, with instruction sheet, was in its original box.

To complete my Crazy - Daisy Winder research I located a page at concerning Daisy Winders, Flower Looms and Bloom Looms. Here the use of flower looms is covered exhaustively. A sampling of the information found there includes:
  • making your own loom
  • instructions for creating garments, purses, & much, much, more
  • a variety of flower-center styles
  • numerous ways to link the individual flowers together.

All instructions are very well illustrated with photos. Also available at (free to download) are vintage Daisy Winder pattern leaflets.

I may try making a flower sometime. I am however, just as happy archiving this little tool in its box.
See the Crazy About Daisies Flickr group - which includes 381 photos. These photos include not only lots of flower loom projects, but also photos of the looms themselves - there is quite a variety.

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