August 9, 2007

dog days?

My favorite sandals.
They make me think of my 2nd grade teacher. We did
art projects like; everyday.
After we sang My Country 'Tis of Thee in the morning & said The Pledge of Allegiance, we also
sang I'm Leaving on a Jet Plane, or Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head. Neil Armstrong School - 1970.

Narrow gauge train to the Chinese cemetery.

Grass Valley

" Door" (isn't it strange how if you look
at a regular word long enough, it begins
to look strange & like something you've never
seen before?)

Summer is really winding down around here.
School starts next week.


Tracie said...

What a fun teacher and great memories. Wasn't that the year for that Mill Valley song also?
Gaaaah! Wednesday's the day and no, I'm not ready. Meet with the teacher tomorrow and that will get us going.

fun_is_always_in_style said...

Ok, yes on the Mill Valley song, but I had to look it up.

Whew. I also subjected myself to B.J. Thomas singing Raindrops in 1970. I remembered it much cooler. hehe.

Anonymous said...

Don't you wish you could somehow gather your old teachers together and have a talk about old times? They appear in our lives everyday, for a full 9 months, influence us like crazy, then disappear. Doesn't seem natural.

fun_is_always_in_style said...

I remember being curious @ how she walked us all over to the other 2nd grade classroom to say The Pledge of Allegiance (she couldn't say it herself; because of the 'liberty & justice for all' part.)