July 11, 2007

ultra tiny

I'm frustrated because I've been unable to figure out how to embed a Yahoo video in my blog post. I certainly dedicated ample time to the effort. It would have been an accomplishment, but I've scratched that dream for today. I'll opt for the more pedestrian use of photographs to accompany this post. The following article is from Willard Wigan's website. I heard about this man several years ago, but was told at the time that the life story that accompanied an exhibit of his microscopic sculpture was a complete fabrication - urban legend. His work really speaks for itself & is almost disturbingly small - hard to fathom the process.

Former England Davis Cup captain turned entrepreneur, David Lloyd has purchased the remaining Willard Wigan collection of micro sculptured art, which has been insured by Lloyd’s of London for £11.2 million.A long time private and, until now, anonymous collector of art, David Lloyd’s latest purchase is regarded by many in the art world as a very significant coup.
Due to receive his MBE on 12 July 2007 for his services to art, Willard’s work has been described by many as ‘the eighth wonder of the world’.
By commission, Willard has spent the past four months replicating the iconic Lloyd’s Building as designed by the award winning architect, Lord Richard Rogers. The completed Lloyd’s piece, which will sit on the head of a pin, will form the showcase to the David Lloyd exhibition and will be auctioned by Eric Knowles (Bonham’s Fine Art) at the Lloyds Building on 24 July 2007.
The David Lloyd Gallery will shortly be exhibiting Willard’s, and other exquisite pieces of art at the prestigious Birmingham Mailbox. Thereafter a touring exhibition will be announced to take place throughout Europe, North America and Asia


Jenny F. said...

Mind boggling.

Tracie said...

Wow! How does someone make anything that small? Did he use a gigantic magnifying glass?

Sadie Lou said...

I...um...totally know how to do a youtube blog post but you failed to use your resources. Shame on you.
Also, you have been absent lately.
You get an F- for the month of July (so far).

Jenny F said...

I was thinking how funny it would be photo shop some images onto pins and needles and jokingly pass them off as the real deal. I'm a dork, huh?

fun_is_always_in_style said...

jenny: Yes, mind boggling. It makes me feel almost queasy - not sure why. I like the photoshop idea: expedient, with the bonus of fooling people. Isn't that sometimes a goal in 'art'?
Tracie: I read in one of the articles about him that he does some of the sculpting between heartbeats. Shown were gallery patrons viewing his sculpture through a microscope. I think this might be where the queasy feeling comes from.
Sadie: YAHOO video. It had the code to embed, but I couldnt' understand the directions for modifying it for Blogger.
Yea, I'm kind of a dud recently. Cleverness is on the 'low' setting.