July 14, 2007

Fisher Price Play Family House Set

This page has links to photos of all little people, parts, pieces, & sets -

Here's what they are doing today:


Sadie Lou said...

I love those photos. You must use them to make cards or something. I'd be your first customer.

fun_is_always_in_style said...

I'm thinking I can't use them because of copyright. :(

Tracie said...

That blue pool reminds me of the year we took our Christmas picture with all 5 (pre-Meredith) of us in a blue wading pool. Maybe I can fit my little toe in that one.

Sadie Lou said...

Oh man, there is so much questionable copyright issues on Etsy--They call it Fan Art.
I'd look into it if I were you--but seriously, how much of a threat are we?
If you were a huge card company churning out thousands, they might notice.

fun_is_always_in_style said...

Tracie: We have a funny picture of Phil with the kids in a tiny pool - Cleo was @10 months old. I'll bet you've had some funny christmas cards - I have one of them.
SLW: that's a new one (fan art) I'll look into that!