June 12, 2007

Must See - BibliOdyssey

Here's an extremely interesting website; it pushes several of my buttons simultaneously, & in its subtitle it defines itself as follows -

'Books~Illustrations~Science~History~Visual Materia Obscura~Eclectic Bookart.'

I just adore the orderliness; how like things are grouped neatly. The tag cloud at the bottom of the page makes it simple to locate information topically.

The visual presentation of the site is lovely. At first glance, BibliOdyssey is predominantly antique imagery. But it is much more; posts are punctuated with fascinating links with more on the lengthy sidebar list.
A sampling of post topics includes: stilt walkers, wrestling in 1500, an overview of antique bookplate collecting, the history of color systems, curiosity cabinets of the Baroque era... & oh, so much more. While a good portion of the information is over my head, I'll have lots of fun at BibliOdyssey.


Tracie said...

My personal favorite is the hair stylist. Must recommend this my gal. How do you find this stuff?

Sadie Lou said...

Sound funsies! I'm back from Washington--let's play!!