June 21, 2007

vintage button bracelets

Celluloid, mother-of-pearl, & bakelite, & buffalo nickel vintage buttons with glass beads.


Tracie said...

Very cool. The knickel one is my favorite. Are you going to sell on etsy?

Melanie said...

Not only are the bracelets groovy, but I also very much admire the way you've displayed them on the neck of an old bottle. I may just have to steal that idea and put one of our old bottles to use in the exact same fashion.

Sadie Lou said...

Those are great, Jennifer. So tell me, why haven't you opened shop yet? Hmmmm? I've never seen anything like that on Etsy.

fun_is_always_in_style said...

tracie: well, it might be fun. I get hung up on learning how to do new things - currently it's computer stuff.

melanie: THX :)

SL: it's all about the banner right now.

Jenny said...

Your button bracelet is beautiful.
I buy elastic belts and suspenders from thrift stores as the backing for my button bracelets. I get some goofy colors that way and they never show any wrist dirt.
Your work is consistantly beautiful. I love visiting your blog.

Anonymous said...

Don't you love the clicking sound buttons make as you play with them? I always feel like Uncle Scrooge counting his money when I get out my collection. People will see them spread out, and scoff, "Buttons? You collect buttons, why?" Then, they touch them, and sort them, see them shine, hear them click, and they quietly say, "Hey, these are sort of cool."
These bracelets, Jennifer. A stroke of genius. They've actually made me sort of want to craft.
BTW, don't store your buttons in a closed jar or box, it can cause them to corrode. I read this, ran out to my collection, and was horrified to see it was true.

fun_is_always_in_style said...

jenny (I still like that name...)
you're VERY encouraging & I appreciate it. I like your idea. I get some sort of extra charge out of using things for a purpose other than their original one. It's like a bonus on any given project. hehe.

michele (anonymous) Yes, 'clicking' is the word. Mother of pearl buttons have the best weight/density & make the best click. Don't like the hollow clicking of, say some metal buttons. but for me the color & tactile experience is the thing. I frequently play with buttons or beads while talking on the phone. It's soothing in some sort of rudimentary way.