May 6, 2007

Lace Rib Knee Socks

Finally completed these -

I used this stitch pattern for a couple of reasons. I was concerned about fitting knee socks & looked for a stitch that would have maximum elasticity. Somehow this lacy rib stitch has lots of give to accommodate the calf, but hugs the ankle well with minor shaping. They will not slide down & there's no need to tug at them all the time.
These were knit using two circular needles. they were worked from the top down, with an afterthought heel.
If anyone uses this pattern, I'd love to see the results!

Lacy Knee Socks Pattern -

3 Skeins Lion Brand Magic Stripes or any sock weight yarn to match gauge.
2 pair Addi Turbo needles 24" size 2
Gauge: 6st = 1" in stockinette stitch
9.5 st = 1" in lace pattern unstretched

lots of sock help here -

Using long-tail method, cast on 57 stitches; divide stitches between two circular needles with the extra stitch on the back needle. The odd stitch is the last one cast on & has the working yarn attached to it. Using the front needle, lift this odd stitch off of the back needle & place it on the front needle. Lift what is now the second stitch on the front needle over the 'odd' stitch, decreasing one stitch. This will eliminate any gap or jog at the beginning of the round.

Work in K2 P2 rib for 4 inches. At the beginning of the next round, begin working in the following pattern stitch:
Rows 1, 2, & 3: *K5 P2 around
Row 4: *K2 together, YO K1 YO SSK P2 around
Continue in pattern stitch as established until work measures 20 3/4" from beginning.

Decrease Round: K5 P2, K5, place stitch marker, P2 together, place stitch marker, K5 P2 around.
Work 4 rounds even.
Decrease round: K5 P2, K3, K2 together, P1, K2 together, K3, P2, *K5 P2 repeat from * around.
Work 4 rounds even.
Decrease round: K5 P2, K2, K2 together, P1, K2 together, K2, P2, *K5 P2 repeat from * around.
Work 4 rounds even.
Decrease round: K5 P2, K1, K2 together, P1, K2 together, K1, P2, *K5 P2 repeat from *around.
Ankle decrease rows will appear as though two lace strips converge into one.
Work 4 rounds even.
Decrease round: K5 P2, K5 placing safety pin on center knit stitch P2, *K5 P2 repeat from * around. There are 47 stitches remaining.

Work 2 rounds even.

Preparation for heel placement: Rearrange stitches so that there are 24 stitches on front needle & 23 stitches on the other needle making sure that the stitch with the safety pin is the center stitch. The safety pin is placed at what will be the center back ankle.

Place scrap yarn for heel: On the next row, work across 24 stitches in established pattern, then drop the main yarn. Now knit across 23 stitches using scrap yarn. Slide stitches back across needle & using main yarn, Purl across the same 23 stitches. The scrap yarn will be removed later & those live stitches will be picked up for heel.

Foot: Continue to work in pattern, keeping 24 stitches in lace rib pattern for the top of the foot, & working in reverse stockinette stitch over 23 stitches for sole of foot. After you have worked a further 3 or 4 inches, remove scrap yarn & pick up the 46 heel stitches using a tapestry needle & more scrap yarn. There will now be a hole where the heel will be. You can at this point try the sock on & determine how much longer the foot needs to be before you begin decreasing for the toe. When that length has been reached, follow directions for toe as follows:

Toe: The toe will be formed by working paired decreases on each needle (the top of foot needle & the sole needle) , every other row. The toe will be worked in Rev St St (purl every row when working in the round).
Row 1: P1 SSP, Purl to last 3 stitches, P2 together, P1. Repeat on 2nd needle.
Row 2: Purl around.
Repeat these two rows until 11 stitches remain on each needle. You will have to sneak an extra decrease in on the top of the foot needle, (I'd just purl the two center stitches together at some point during the toe construction).

Graft these stitches together.

The afterthought heel is pretty much a toe. Not absolutely the best-fitting heel, I admit; but it is easy, easy, easy. &!, it is the easiest heel to replace if you happen to get a hole in the heel; just rip out the original heel, pick up the same stitches, & do it again. The heel will be worked in Garter Stitch (alternating knit & purl rows when working in the round). Place half of the heel stitches on each circular needle. Pick up two stitches at the end of each needle; to fill the gap there. Work in garter stitch for 4 rows. Heel Decreasing: Work just as the toe, except, knit one row & purl one row. Try the sock on, & when you like the way it fits, (hopefully you do), graft remaining stitches together as you did for the toe.


Sadie Lou said...

Are we posting on our blogs at the same time??? I just tested your link on my blog and I didn't see this post! I was coming back to scold you and encourage you to make a new post! You read my mind (because we're kindred spirits).
These socks are so cute! They look warm and cozy. Who's the model? The youngest or the next youngest gal?
I just posted 3 lamp posts...

Lolly said...

These look so great! Thanks for posting the pattern info too. I love the way yours turned out!

fun_is_always_in_style said...

Thanks for your nice commment - glad you like them.
A plain - colored yarn would show the lace better, maybe next time :)

Babychloe said...

Thanks for posting this pattern; can't wait to make them. I enjoyed looking at your blog.