March 26, 2007

International Chair Day

Teak side chairs and Papa Bear armchair designed by Hans Wegner.

It is important that this 'holiday' conceived entirely at my whim be an international one, because some of the best examples come from Germany, Japan, Denmark, & France.

How better to initiate International Chair Day than with these two fine examples. What can I say other than 'really nice, Hans'.

For those of us who have never actually been in the presence of chairs like these, the feasible object of desire is instead; slightly silly mid-century copycat chairs. A perfect example of this concept is the Danish modern swivel type armchair with red Naugahyde upholstery owned a fellow chair loving friend. According to her story, this chair remained available for purchase at the end of the garage sale day. This purported fact, casually stated, only adds to the rescue aspect of this find. (Some of us view these purchases as our responsibility; we're archiving elements of the 20th century). Did my friend circle the garage sale all day? If so, she earned the chair, because this type of wait requires nerves of steel. Someone could arrive who knows a good thing when they see it. Would the chair have been hauled to the dump the next day had my friend not purchased it? It makes me cringe to envision the chair flying through the air, then landing with a splintering crack amongst the nasty stinky garbage. Perhaps her statement was made in an effort to distract me, or to devalue the chair in my estimation. It didn't work. I asked directly 'Hey, can I have your chair?' - she was quick to reply '' She thought I was kidding.

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