February 22, 2008

Treasury West front page.

I've just recently discovered Treasury West on Etsy. This was the second time I've created a treasury. What fun! I can understand how people get addicted to it.
My treasury was on the front page! Unfortunately I missed it, but people left comments to tell me so...... (happy sound effect here!)
I like these items soo much that I'm going to post links here; in order, from the top, left to right.

~ enjoy these ~

http://www.shoshonasnow.etsy.com/ - beautifully designed & colored graphic ceramics (NY)
http://www.swallowfield.etsy.com/ - ornate & colorful prints & collage (ME)
http://www.rokdarbi.etsy.com/ - thoughtful, organic jewelry (Latvia)
http://www.kjoo.etsy.com/ - innovative textile jewelry using natural fibers (Portugal)
http://www.geninne.etsy.com/ - warm & engaging watercolor & collage (Mexico City)
http://www.veronicabuttons.etsy.com/ - intriguing & serene ceramic buttons (UK)
http://www.tinarice.etsy.com/ - modern + nostalgic enamel jewelry (IA)
http://www.bergmansbear.etsy.com/ - little windows into boundless landscape... (MA)
http://www.selflesh.etsy.com/ - technical collage exploring geography, anatomy, botany (ME)
http://www.heidiburton.etsy.com/ - mood-invoking illustration (UK)
http://www.enso.etsy.com/ - refined, modern jewelry designs featuring gemstones. (MN)
http://www.michellemoode.etsy.com/ - abstract collage using papers, fiber, ink, wax... (CA)

I think it's interesting to know where people are located.

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Michelle C. Moode said...

Congrats, and thanks again for including me in the treasury! Also thanks for the mention on your blog!

best, michelle.