October 29, 2007

Showpony on Etsy

Showpony is the featured seller on Etsy, & extremely deserving.

'When there's not enough room in that fantastic vintage handbag for all your groceries the vintage shopper has the answer, all the glamour of a real vintage bag with the practicality of a shopper - genius.'

Now this is Vintage + Modern.

Screen printing remains almost entirely mysterious to me. It's something I'd like very much to learn someday, but it looks so big. In the meanwhile, it's impressive.

This one has my name on it.


Sadie Lou said...

I saw those too. Not really my "style' but I can see that they are wonderful. I appreciate great ideas like this...

fun_is_always_in_style said...

I thought these were
-really well done
-a 'new' idea

Anonymous said...

Another idea would be to put a huge bag on your body with the design of a svelte (sp?) vintage dress on it.

fun_is_always_in_style said...