September 26, 2007

Musicophilia: Tales of Music and the Brain

A new book by Oliver Sacks will be released October 16th, & I've made a preemptive request at the public library! His newest book will focus on music & its relationship to the brain.

I first read The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat. His books are fascinating. Oliver Sacks doesn't have answers for many of the questions he raises. I think he loves to learn.

Library Journal's synopsis:

Neurologist Sacks presents a series of clinical tales drawn from fascinating and unusual cases encountered during his years of medical practice. Dividing his text into four parts"losses" of neurological function; "excesses"; "transports" involving reminiscence, altered perception, and imagination; and "the simple," or the world of the retarded Sacks introduces the reader to real people who suffer from a variety of neurological syndromes which include symptoms such as amnesia, uncontrolled movements, and musical hallucinations. Sacks recounts their stories in a riveting, compassionate, and thoughtful manner.

Other books by Oliver Sacks include Awakenings (made into a slightly fictionalized movie starring Robert De Niro), Migraine, Island of the Colour Blind, A Leg to Stand On ~

He portrays whatever he chooses to observe with great detail, broad understanding & formidable knowledge, yet the ultimate mystery of the human mind & body is affirmed.

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